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what to wear



  • This will be fun! 
    Wear your best clothes – that outfit you know you look stunning in.

  • Avoid logos or visible brands​.


  • Try to AVOID white and black. Chose mid-tones, ideally darker than your skin tone.

  • Darker colors attract less attention, thus concentrating the

    viewer’s attention on your face and eyes​

  • Pay attention to details: no stains, no tags, no straps showing, etc.

  • Iron / steam your clothes!

  • Different necklines will have an impact on the way your face looks.​​  Turtlenecks rarely work.

  • Bring a number of extra clothes items, not just want you plan to wear - that way we can select what looks best on you
  • Bring different items - not variations of the same  style.​
  • Think of accessories (ties, belts, necklaces, earrings, scarves) - they really help to tell a better story
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