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You are responsible for your own travel arrangement from you point of departure to Modica. The cost is not included in the package fee.



The most convenient airport to Modica is Catania, about a 1.5 hour drive away. The small Comiso airport is also an option, for low-cost domestic flights.


You can reach out to a local transport company directly and mention the course, and they will have special rates for their pick-up drop off service (generally less than 100 Euro for up to 3 people, with a sliding scale for larger groups).


Alternatively, you can also use the local bus / coach service, which is much cheaper. It runs every hour / 2 hours, from 9 am until 8.30 pm.

On location during the course we will be using local transport companies with drivers, or renting cars driven by the instructor / producer, depending on final group size.

We will have 2 cars or a large van, depending on availability.

All local transport is included in the course fee.  

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