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Meals are not included in the course fee 


You are free to eat wherever you prefer, and options abound at all price points.
However, we will try to eat together as a group whenever possibile, so as to use the meal time as an opportunity to discuss our work and share impressions and ideas.

It is a very valuable learning and sharing moment.

In general, you should budget some 40 euros per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so 250-300 Euro in total for the duration of the course.


Breakfast is available in many local cafes near the hotel, in the heart of town.

It is usually not more than 3-4 euros.

You can check out my favorite café by clicking on the button above


Lunch is usually a sandwitch or local delicacies such as arancini, pizzette, etc. -

15 Euros should be plenty.


Good sit-down dinners with 2-3 courses and meat/fish can be had for

some 20-25 Euros.


Please bring cash, since many restaurants do not accept split tabs.

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