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It is important for me to know what you need the photos for.
Please e-mail me or call me well in advance to discuss this, so we can have time to come up with great ideas together.

Based on the intended use, we will work together to create the right mood, look & feel. 
Share with me images from magazines, websites, or other headshots to show me what you like, and what you would like to create.

how to prepare for a shoot​

the day before

  • Try to think of a time when you were really happy, or a place you love, and write out a paragraph about it, with plenty of detail. On the day of the shoot, I will ask you to tell me all about it.

  • Try a few poses at home in front of a mirror, so it will be easier for you to know what works for you and what does not.



You should really be as well rested as you can. Get a good night’s sleep the night before, and drink a lot of water.
Don’t rush to the studio right after work.

Try to schedule the session on your day off, and take some time for yourself before the shoot.​

the day of the shoot

Please be punctual. Do not arrive early, as I will need some alone set-up time.

If you are late, we will have less time to work together, because the end of the session is firm (I am likely to have other clients after you).

Arrive with:
• clean hair, already styled the way you like
• makeup already on (if not using makeup artist)
• nails manicured
• show up already dressed in the first outfit

Any time you spend doing hair and makeup in the studio will be time you are taking away from your photo session – remember that!
I can photoshop out a blemish, but if you show up with greasy or unkempt hair, there is nothing I can do as a photographer to hide that.

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