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The Val di Noto area, in South-Eastern Sicily is home to several very picturesque cider-colored little towns, so pristine and well-kept that they were awarded the coveted UNESCO Word Heritage Site designation.This area is almost a world of its own - further South than Tunis, separated from the rest of Sicily by rough mountains and deep ravines, it was rebuilt from scratch after a devastating earthquake in 1693 in line with the then prevalent Baroque taste. Think jewel-like ornate churches, stately noble palaces with voluptuous staircases, and grand boulevards. And century-old olive trees, red poppy fields, vineyards - and the best chocolate ever.


Time there seems to stand still, with elderly gentlemen sitting out in front of the local social club to watch the world go by, or playing cards inside, families strolling in their Sunday best, children chasing balls in the streets, and stray dogs peacefully sleeping by antique doorways.


Though magical in any season, no time of the year is more unique than Easter week. Century-old Catholic traditions, with processions, passion plays, altars, votive flower arrangements, candles, costumes, and fancy outfits turn this area into a true photographer’s paradise.


Our backdrop will be unique events such as the famed “Gioia” explosion on Easter Sunday in Scicli, or the deposition of Christ in the Vittoria cathedral, or the night procession in Ispica. You will be guided by an Italian award-winning documentary photographer, Pino Ninfa, who was born and raised in Sicily, and Lilia Pino Blouin, your TA, translator and navigator into this century-old culture; Pino and Lilia will make sure you are in the right place at the right time, with exclusive access to the best view points. 

Our days together will include event shooting time with close access to the festivities,

talks with local experts, as well as invaluable group photo critique time, and amazing simple

yet delicious meals together.


Pino will speak Italian and Lilia (a UN-level interpreter) will translate simultaneously into English.

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