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We will be staying at the Modica Old Town hotel right in the heart of the historic center of Modica, conveniently located as a starting point for all of our excursions and explorations.

The location could not be more prefect - the surrounding area is full of great cafes, restaurants and bars, walking distance from everything you may want to see and do.

The hotel is more like a B&B than a formal hotel. Think more of a cool IKEA vignette, not formal luxury. It is a large antique house which has been recently renovated and turned into a hotel-like structure. Therefore, there is no real lobby as such, just a communal kitchen area for coffee/tea, and there are some steep steps to get upstairs.

The rooms are really nice, with new individual bathrooms, 

as well as free wifi.

It has maintained a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor over 300 votes, which is a great sign.

Individual rooms have been booked for up to 8 participants and for the instructor and producer/interpreter.

Since there is no meeting room, group classes  / critiques will be held in one of the large bedrooms, set up as a classroom.

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